Saw my doctor this week. Was diagnosed with de Quervain’s. A fancy word for bi-lateral thumb/wrist pain. Inflammation in the sheath that houses the thumb tendons and lets them move freely. Causing pain and numbness…me and millions of other people who use a computer all the time…blah, blah, blah pain when I type/can’t grip door handles—wear braces on both hands 24/7—rest—ice—NSAIDs…you know the drill. We ALL know the drill. So, kids—take care of your hands. I took the week off from writing, letting my hands rest.

Thanks to everyone who picked up the Moonscapes bundle! Ablegamers is a great charity! I’m so happy I got to help raise money for them. I’m so glad that such a group exists and I appreciate their efforts to help people with disabilities reconnect to gaming.

Today I’m at the computer, intending to work on book 2 (Enigma) of my True Purple series (my first series :>). Need to work through Dr. Kingston’s story arc and layer it against Peter’s and Diana’s POVs. As soon as I complete this arc, I can add the final hooks into book one (called Recombinant) and send it off to my favorite copyeditor. Then start working on book three (Cipher).

In other news, I’m putting the final edits to bed for my short story, A Pearl into Darkness, for the upcoming crime anthology, Justice (Fiction River – early 2018). This is an important story to me. A hard one to tell, but one I couldn’t turn away from.

My SF novel, Rediscovery is in its final prep stages and will be appearing at the end of July from Elusive Blue Fiction. I have a handful of standalone novels that Elusive Blue Fiction will be publishing alongside my True Purple series (military SF with romantic elements) over the next few years. Also, I am working on another series (urban fantasy) set in the world of my Speechless in Seattle short story. And some other series I am considering. So many projects. Wish I could quit my day job and write full-time. Someday, I hope. For now, will just keep on keeping on…some writing time is better than no writing time. I was hoping to do a novel dare this month, but I’ll have to shift it to August to let my hands heal a bit.

Back to work!