New Stories

FR How to Save the WorldI’ve been swamped with work these last few months and have finally dug myself out after finishing my last deadline.  After a VERY long drought, I finally have some short fiction sales to report.  In March, I sold short stories to two Fiction River anthologies:  How to Save the World and Hex in the City.  How to Save the World will be out in May/June.  Hex in the City will be out sometime in the late summer/fall.  And I just turned in a romance novelette for a third Fiction River anthology called Christmas Ghosts.  So, look for Heaven Backwards very soon with Speechless in Seattle later this year.

I am so grateful to be a working writer again.  It’s been such a long time since I posted anything in the win column.  I hope this upswing will continue.  For now, I’m back to work on some spec deadlines.