The Novels Are Out

a pile o’ seals on the Oregon Coast, circa 2006

Got two of my novels updated and out the door this month.  Got a very nice personal rejection from DAW back in May on a book that I will probably sub to Elusive Blue Fiction.  Still doing that final pass on a third novel that I want to submit.  I’m still a little conflicted on where to send this last one though.  It’s romantic suspense (about a natural disaster) and I’ve always had a hard time deciding where to send this one.

It looks like Ron Collins and I are going to embark on a nostalgic Novel Dare in the fall.  Yay!  Can’t wait!  I haven’t written a novel in a long while and writing that first draft in a month is a blast!  I love that deep immersion in a world and that feeling of intensity from writing it in a concentrated block of time.  Doing a novel dare is a lot of fun with a partner, so I’m excited about this one. Now, I need to come up with some ideas to pursue. : P

Getting the final touches completed on a couple of long works (both novelettes!) that Elusive Blue Fiction will be e-publishing next month.  These two stories are some of my longest works. One is traditional/high fantasy, called The Needlewoman and the other novelette is a historical mystery called A Dark Gloaming Blue.  I’ll post covers here as soon as Elusive Blue Fiction has them available.

Okay, back to work for me.